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I want my photography to ignite a wonder within the viewer about what plush dolls mean to a child.  Both boys and girls love them!  But why?  What do plush dolls provide?  Softness?  Comfort?  Security?  Friendship?  When a young child first opens their eyes to see a plush doll, what are they really seeing?  Can that view be seen again through photography?  That is my challenge and my hope, that we look at plush dolls with fresh eyes again, at least for a moment.  For a moment, they are not a product, so I do not want to photograph them as products.  For a moment, they are not a toy for a child, so I will not be including children with my photos.  For a moment, they are a re-connection to childhood in its ideal state.  When a child first opens their eyes and sees a plush!  They might not talk like puppets, but they are very much alive!  Maybe my photos can show that.

Scott C. Johnson